Introducing: Freshpack Plus, a proven packaging solution that extends shelf life

Introducing: Freshpack Plus, a proven packaging solution that extends shelf life

RAP’s mission to keep ‘food fresher for longer’ continues, following the launch of the revolutionary Freshpack Plus packaging solution.

 The system, which is the world’s lightest sandwich cartonboard packaging, represents a critical breakthrough in fresh food packaging. Thanks to a unique packaging design, Freshpack Plus is proven to keep food fresher for longer, thereby reducing waste and saving money.

Independent Testing

Following in-depth testing, Campden BRI, a leading food analysis consultancy, has proven that the sandwich retains the same freshness on P+4 as the existing pack at P+3. They have also proven that the sandwich gets a ‘good rating’ on P+5, depending on the ingredients.

Made from lightweight, sustainable cartonboard and film laminate, Freshpack Plus is able to increase the sandwich’s shelf life as a result of a number of advanced design enhancements that prevent airflow going into the packaging. Significantly, the film acts as a water and airtight barrier for sealing in freshness and protecting from contamination. 

Even in a short supply chain, increasing shelf life by just one day from 3 to 4 days, can potentially make a major impact on out-of-date wastage.  This allows for greater fluctuations in consumer demand, resulting in a real impact on the amount of waste at the retailer and improved profit margins. 

The solution, which can be run on the same line as the existing FreshPack, also delivers benefits throughout the entire supply chain including reduced transportation costs and CO2 emissions.

Award Winning Solutions

The launch builds on the success of RAP’s pioneering and award-winning Modified Atmosphere (MA) packaging solutions. Heralded as a critical innovation in the industry, the MA technology ensure that all packaging systems are hermetically sealed, enabling gas flushing – thanks to a pioneering barrier film. This technological revolution is ideal for retailers who require a much longer shelf life, as the MA technology achieves a residual 02 of less than 1% inside the packaging to extend the life of the product.

A Dayfresh and Freshpack (non-hermetic) sandwich wedge have a maximum P plus 3-4 days shelf life.  In comparison the MA Carton Sandwich Wedge will, as a minimum, double this and depending on ingredients in the chill chain, extend shelf life up to 28 days.

The MA technology is available across the following RAP products:

  • Carton Sandwich Wedge
  • Carton Food Tray
  • Softpack
  • BagRAP

For more information about Freshpack Plus or to discuss your sandwich or food-to-go packaging requirements with us, call us on 020 8069 0700 or email

In the meantime, for more information about our market-leading capabilities, read our blog about a couple or our latest award-wins, ‘RAP celebrates a year of high profile award success.’

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